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3 of the top reasons people pursue a premises liability claim

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Running a business or owning real estate comes with liability. If other people end up getting hurt, a business owner or property manager could potentially be financially responsible for expenses ranging from property damage losses and medical bills to lost wages.

Premises liability is the term for an individual’s or business’s responsibility for those who get hurt on their property. Businesses typically carry insurance to protect themselves against premises liability, and homeowner’s insurance policies also provide premises liability coverage so that people don’t lose their homes if visitors get hurt.

Premises liability claims can arise from all kinds of situations, but the three scenarios below are among the most common.

  1. Poorly-maintained building facilities

Has a landlord with multiple apartments allowed the staircase to the second floor to degrade into poor condition? Poorly-lit stairs, peeling flooring and missing handrails are among the stairway safety issues that could lead to premises liability claims.

A lack of mats near entranceways or unsecured rugs are also concerns, as are poorly-maintained machinery and any other tripping and slipping hazards. If someone has been negligent in their maintenance of a property, people who get hurt there may have grounds for a lawsuit.

  1. Lack of security precautions

Some kinds of crime are reasonably predictable at different locations. Bars and restaurants have to prepare for the possibility of a drunken fight, while retail businesses need to worry about shoplifting.

Having security professionals and cameras visible at a property can help deter crime. Even proper lighting can make a big difference. When property owners don’t take common-sense steps to deter criminal activity, they may be responsible when people get hurt as a result.

  1. Animal aggression

Landlords who allow pets and businesses that have animals in their shops could face premises liability claims when someone’s companion animal becomes aggressive. Insurance will frequently pay for medical expenses and property damage losses related to an animal attacking a visitor lawfully at a property.

Anytime someone hurt on another person’s property can show that negligence or failure to conform with safety standards led to their injuries, they may be able to file an insurance claim or even a civil lawsuit. Pursuing a premises liability claim can help those injured due to the failings of property owners.