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Iowa Municipal Defense Lawyers Assist Officials, Officers And Public Employees

Law enforcement officers, prosecutors and government officials play an important role in the success of any community. Unfortunately, their prominence also makes them a frequent target for lawsuits. The Stuart Tinley Law Firm LLP represents police officers, prosecutors and other government officials against accusations of civil rights violations and other claims. With roots reaching back more than 150 years, our Council Bluffs firm is an established leader in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska. We understand the special responsibility that accompanies municipal representation and provide ethical counsel at a cost-effective rate.

Defending Police And Prosecutors From Civil Rights Actions And Other Claims

The Stuart Tinley Law Firm is a strong advocate for the men and women of law enforcement who find themselves faced with lawsuits arising out of their official functions, including:

  • Civil rights claims – Routine police work sometimes leads to lawsuits from suspects or others who feel that their civil rights were violated. We understand where the statutory boundaries exist and defend the proper actions of law enforcement officers.
  • Police brutality allegations – Allegations of excessive force by police officers have garnered a tremendous amount of media attention in recent years. In most cases, however, these accusations are meritless. Our attorneys advocate strongly not just to obtain a successful result through litigation but also to reaffirm the public’s confidence in the people pledged to protect them.
  • Malicious prosecution lawsuits – People accused of crimes might try to find a sinister motive in a prosecutor’s decision to press charges. Our lawyers work diligently on the prosecutors’ behalf to address and defeat these claims.

If you are a police officer, prosecutor or government official who has been sued based on allegations related to your job duties, it is imperative to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. The Stuart Tinley Law Firm will investigate the charges, challenge the evidence, and defend your legal rights in any forum.

Representing Government Bodies In Employment Law Matters

Municipalities and government agencies, often major employers, also face allegations from their workers. We have extensive knowledge of the relevant federal and state laws relating to discrimination, termination and access for disabled workers. We advise municipal governments on all types of civil service employment matters, including union disputes, discipline and conflict-of-interest investigations.

Contact A Council Bluffs Municipal Defense Attorney For Iowa And Nebraska Claims

The Stuart Tinley Law Firm LLP represents Iowa and Nebraska clients in municipal defense litigation and a wide range of other practice areas. Call 712-261-6033 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Council Bluffs office.