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Experienced Iowa Construction Law Attorneys Defend Builders And Contractors

Construction often involves a range of professionals and workers on a given site. And given the nature of construction and the number of parties involved, things can go wrong at any stage of a project, even when everyone has done their job correctly. When there is a problem, it takes a skilled, experienced construction defense attorney to identify the responsible party, if any, and protect the rights of those who met or exceeded industry standards. The Stuart Tinley Law Firm LLP represents construction companies and contractors against claimants who seek to blame them for flaws that appear during or after construction. From our Council Bluffs office, we assist firms in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska who face construction lawsuits. Our long and successful record offers you an advantage in court and at the negotiating table.

Skilled Advocacy In Lawsuits Involving Architectural And Engineering Work

Architects and engineers are sometimes blamed when there are problems during construction or an incident after a structure is complete. The Stuart Tinley Law Firm advocates for companies and construction professionals against allegations including:

  • Design problems – Even when a problem occurs years after a project’s completion, plaintiffs may blame the original plans. We can demonstrate that professional standards were followed from the start.
  • Substandard materialsStuart Tinley Law Firm attorneys have the knowledge and professional network to determine whether substandard construction materials resulted in an incident. We review each item and investigate to uncover any manufacturer errors.
  • Negligent work – A slight deviation in the construction process can have significant consequences, but plaintiffs often do not know whom to blame. Our lawyers will build a strong argument why your company is not liable for negligence.

At the Stuart Tinley Law Firm, we offer our clients the experience and resources found in much larger practices combined with the personal service that is the hallmark of smaller firms. We have offered this service to the people of council bluffs and the surrounding areas since 1861.

Assisting Construction Firms In Collection And Payment Matters

Even after a project has been successfully completed, contractors might not be paid according to the agreed-upon terms. The Stuart Tinley Law Firm represents clients in such situations so that the proper payment is made. If need be, we can establish a construction lien to protect and enforce your right to be paid for your work.

Knowledgeable Counsel For All Types Of Contract Disputes

The multifaceted nature of most construction projects leads to a series of formal and informal agreements between contractors, subcontractors and the individual or business authorizing the work. Unfortunately, when problems occur, there is often finger-pointing between parties, and contract terms don’t always provide suitable answers. In contract disputes, we can analyze the terms of each agreement and pursue a favorable resolution for your business.

Contact A Council Bluffs Construction Defense Attorney For Iowa And Nebraska Claims

The Stuart Tinley Law Firm LLP represents Iowa and Nebraska clients in construction defense litigation and a wide range of other practice areas. Call 712-261-6033 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Council Bluffs office.